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Are you a company looking for cloud security professionals on demand? Or are you interested in becoming a cloud security professional yourself?

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Why become a partner?

Increase your security posture

Close your cyber security knowledge gap

Readily available talent for specific projects

Reduce hiring time and costs

Work with trained and certified professionals

Supervision from senior experts

We deliver the talent for your security needs

The world of cyber security and its challenges keep changing. Companies often struggle with finding the right talent at the right time. Guardianship answers this need.

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Why become a Guardian?

Get a competitive salary from day one

Obtain cyber security certificates

Personal coaching from industry experts

Gain hands-on experience

Build a huge cyber security network

Become a consultant and help clients


What is it like to be a Guardian?

The Guardianship offers me the opportunity to gain hands-on experience as a Cloud Security Engineer. Helping clients and learning-on-the-job is the perfect step after finalizing my Master’s in Crisis & Security Management. What a great learning curve!

Raul S.

Cloud Guardian

I have a background in philosophy and worked as an editor for the last couple of years. I recently changed my career to the world of cyber security. I enjoy the team and appreciate the expert sessions and look forward to my first assignment at a hospital.

Brandon P.

Cloud Guardian