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Are you looking for on-demand cyber security talent? The Guardianship actively recruits and trains cyber security talent in order to assist companies in increasing their security posture. Our program is currently geared towards Microsoft Sentinel, and we make sure that our Guardians earn the necessary certifications.

Our Guardians are highly motivated and adaptable individuals, willing to share their knowledge and use their skills to help you secure your business.

Our Guardians are supervised by our experienced cyber security mentors, ensuring a consistent and verified handling of the security issues that you face.

Readily available talent for specific projects

Close your cyber security knowledge gap

Reduce hiring time and costs

Work with trained and certified professionals

Supervision from senior experts

Increase your security posture

I have been working in the cyber security industry for almost 20 years now. Over these years I have seen the cyber security skills shortage increase. Sadly, I have also seen what dramatic impact this has on companies. We believe that pairing senior professionals with young digital talent offers companies the best option to structurally mitigate their cyber security risks.

Dereck Haye

Co-Founder / Guardianship

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